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2018 Trending Indoor Plants
Our Favourites

2018 Trending Indoor Plants
Our Favourites

So by now we have all heard of the Fiddle leaf fig. The indoor trending plant of 2017, that was the “it” plant. Well the fiddle leaf fig will always be a timeless addition to any home but 2018 has brought some fantastic rivals reaching for the limelight.


Schefflera Amate

The first rival is the Schefflera Amate or also known as the Umbrella tree. The Schefflera Amate is a bold statement piece, featuring large glossy green leaves. It is more disease resistant and hardier than the smaller leaf variety- Arboricola. This beautiful feature plant is much easier to care for than the fiddle leaf fig and we can expect to see more of them popping up in people’s homes. The Amate will thrive in bright, indirect light but will tolerate medium light conditions. Do not overwater these beautiful trees, they do like a good watering but they definitely need time to dry out in between.







Monstera Deliciosa

A plant sweeping social media is also top of our list, the Monstera Deliciosa. Either a young plant with less fenestrated (holes) leaves or a mature plant with large and very “holey” leaves make a stunning addition to any home. It is also known as the Swiss cheese plant due to its resemblance of Swiss cheese when the plant has mature leaves. It is hardy, easy to care for and a classic plant that won’t go out of style. It can grow quite tall and large so it can turn into quite a statement piece and will need some space. They will grow well in a bright room without direct sun and water when the top 3 inches of soil have dried out.



Plants with texture and pattern are really making a scene to be seen at the moment and that is why the next plant, another Monstera is on the list of trends this year. The glorious Monstera Adansonii. This stunning vine can be a little harder to come by, but will be readily available by spring time. Although, it seems many house plant enthusiasts and interior stylists are eager to get their hands on this one sooner rather than later. It can be a fragile plant as the leaves are quite delicate due to the large number of fenestrations (holes) it can have, however, it is more tolerant of lower light conditions and is easy enough to care for when the time is taken to understand it’s requirements. They are a talking point that don’t require a lot of space to stand out, they will grow as a long vine so can be hooked along a wall or shelf, but their stunning leaves will always grab your attention.



The Pilea peperomioides craze may still be on trend, but it is definitely rivalled with the interesting watermelon peperomia (Peperomia argyreia). Finally a smaller trending plant that looks stunning on a table or shelf. It’s common name comes from the leaf resemblance to the outside of a watermelon. The lines on the leaves shine a shimmery silver in the light. They are compact plants but the leaves grow quite large for its size making it an interesting piece to have on show. They can be quite easy to care for, needing medium light conditions, however be careful not to place in a very bright area as this will cause the leaves to become dull and will fade the shimmer quite easily. They are prone to stem rot, so do not overwater and allow to drain thoroughly when watering.



Lucky last… Tillandsias, aka air plants are making a huge rise in interior plant trends this year. The common misconception about air plants is they only need air to survive, this is so wrong. They love bright, indirect sunlight and they definitely still need to be watered. They can be soaked in a sink of water for a few minutes each week, hang them upside down to completely dry before putting them back in their interior home. And as their common name implies, they need air. Lots of air circulation is necessary for their survival, you may see some are placed in glass bowls or terrariums but this is not an optimal environment for them and they will not thrive and may not even survive. There are a huge variety of air plants available and they make a fantastic addition to any area, they can be put on a coffee table or shelf, hanging on a hook or even grouped together on a piece of driftwood. So whether you choose to go minimalistic with your indoor plant choices or are more daring for a jungle theme, adding indoor plants to the home softens any space and creates a sense of calm.

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