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The seed of The Bespoke Greenery was planted in Melbourne when my best friend asked me to join in the journey of her indoor plants business. I have always loved plants and gardening but struggled to keep indoor plants alive. She had sparked a deep passion in me a few years earlier and I was determined to dig deep into the knowledge of horticulture. 


When she asked me to join her venture, it was such a privilege and one I will never forget. We shared our love for all things green by selling plants at markets and running workshops.


Circumstances changed and I found myself moving to beautiful sunny Sydney.

Hi, I’m Chloe

My name is Chloe Warren, a plant cultivator from the Yarra Ranges, Victoria. I am the founder and director of The Greenery Sydney.  My passion for indoor plants had become a wonderful part of my life, I had found my truth and so was determined to continue my passion here in Sydney. My greatest fulfilment is sharing my passion with the community and being able to provide people with the high quality plants they desire and the knowledge they need to keep them thriving.


I have built relationships with other growers and expert horticulturists in the field, ensuring our knowledge and the plants we pass on are of the highest quality. Working a long side some of the industry’s leading interior designers I have been able to collaborate and bring the latest trending plants and styles to our customers.